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iPad composition #1 - Combining different methods

Today I share a piece of music I’ve been working on probably since November last year, here is the story so far

Last year, as regular readers of Modulations will know, I started exploring Tidal cycles for programmatically composing music on the Mac. It’s a subject we shall return to at some point on this newsletter without a doubt, especially when channeling Tidal through to MIDI devices. It is how this track begun, the tracks, the lead and chords were the first thing I created using Tidal and at the time recorded into Logic on the Mac.

The project then just sat there for ages doing nothing but I always loved the mellow ambient vibe I had created during those sessions with Tidal. So not that long ago when Logic Pro came out for the iPad, this was the project that I chose to port across to the iPad edition. I had used Phaseplant on the desktop version, for one of the instruments, since that couldn’t be transferred across, the plugin doesn’t exist in the AUV3 domain, I swapped it for one of the Logic for iPad instruments instead, that goes well with the little melody line. Luckily the synth used for the chords is the same on this version of the DAW.

Tonight I added Modalics Beat Scholar on a new track and a bass on another.

Beat Scholar has been fed through Beatslicer, which is very much the essence of this video, chopping the beats on the fly and this plugin is amazing; fun too! Last of all the master track is given a little bit of reverb.

I improvised a couple of bass sections which go well with this piece of music but I think I can better that and jam even more on the bass. Possibly some other sounds are needed but these “sleeper” projects are never to be rushed, I plan to release this on Bandcamp in 2030, lol!!

I did say in the last post, that was it for awhile but no sooner than I had written that, scheduled it, I had more ideas and created this post. There is no stopping me at the moment!!

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