Is it OK to share works in progress?

Yes. Of course it is!

Sep 18, 2023

Video notes:

Created using Visual Synth running in AUM on the iPad. I’d already composed, jammed and recorded my track.

So where from here?

  • Add a lead synth on top?

  • I’ve got some variations for the chord progressions which is stuck in a little too much of a loop at the moment

  • A little more of a build up, create some patterns where the bass is simple and it’s cook

  • mplexity builds up

  • Learn how to get more out of VS, it’s got a lot of power and I love it’s recording capability, as I can record the visualisation in real-time whilst also recording the audio on it’s own.

  • It’s possible to record multiple videos and blend them together in a third-party video editing solution

Does this track have a name? The awkward answer is “no”, I need to devise a way of naming works in progress both on the computer, how patches are saved on the devices, so that I can correlate it all later on, the danger of going hybrid or fully DAWless!