Patch 4 - Recording the Roland S1 with Make Noise Strega

Non talking video today, just sharing something I’ve been working on recently and I talk about the possibility of sample packs for paying subscribers

Jul 28, 2023

I recorded this using a fairly simple setup, comprising of a Roland-S1 and a Make Noise Strega that was plugged into my Minifuse 4 and routed to my iPad using, as you can see from the video, Logic Pro for iPad. Added reverb only to make it more spacious sounding.

About the piece of music

The piece was based on a combination of arpeggios, on the Roland with it’s audio output connected to the external substance connection on the Strega with moat of it’s controls turned right down at the start, so that the performance you hear at the start is a dry signal from the Roland end. The first 3 parts of the track continue in that vein and then I unleash the chaos monkey into the room and the calm is ripped apart. Towards the end though, nature fights back and order is restored.

I’ll at some point put this up on Soundcloud/Bandcamp etc, needs some EQ to refine it.

Sample packs? Yes please!

Thoughts on paid membership here - what if all posts were free, which they are at the moment and paying people get sample packs, delivered in “special” posts, that I think will be way more achievable for me.


I’ll create some Strega soundscapes when I return from my travels. I will make photos and sounds along the way. It will be awhile before I publish my first one and I will want to make it somewhat worthwhile too. I just feel that adding paywalls, is very big media which I’ve no intention of being. We’ve a lot of former mass media journalists here on Substack who come from that world, it makes sense for them, kind of… I wish there was a donate option, I may add a PayPal button to my posts but my thoughts are to emulate Patreon here a little bit.


Thanks for watching, listening and reading.

Will return soon, shall post stuff on Notes, so in order to see those at least, don’t forget to…….

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