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Live 12 - Philip Meyer's Midi Tools


Hi folks, hope you are having a nice bank holiday weekend? I was up early this morning and had a little play with Ableton 12 and some MIDI tools I bought the other day, you can get them from:

Cost $45 and you get a lot for this, well worth every penny, dime or dollar.

I found them to be great for performing/jamming with, in a way that you can imagine the notes in your mind and then quickly sketch them out with these tools. You can set the number of notes, length and it’s possible to select segments of your notes and enact changes on subsets. You can get very creative very quickly and in this demo, I used just one clip and was able to make subtle changes along the way. I have for example, used this to create a number of clips, duplicate, thin out the next section, drop down a semitone or octave and then use follow actions on the clips to start building up the basis of a song. From there it only takes a bit more time to work on other tracks.

Midi Tools sit in the new generative section of the piano roll editor and you can, with a little Max for Live knowledge create your own. I may try this and document my learnings along the way. We shall see!

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