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Daily Jam

I had trouble posting this as a note, so why not post as a full video hey?

Apologies for a lack of newsletters or anything recently, life as they say has been happening but getting some time back again to get the show on the road. Let’s start with a simple jam and in the next post I share, will sketch out some ideas we can try using popular gear such as the SP-404 for producing some ambient tracks or whatever genres take your fancy.


I’ve never run a poll before, so why not give one a bash?! Ok there are many other sub-genres I perhaps forgot to list, let me know of those in the comments. What ever happened to “Speed Garage” for example?

Some ideas for future content

  • Records, we have recently unearthed some old records whilst cleaning out the garage. They could be warped and unlistenable but might be in really good condition also.

  • More material for sampling and we shall explore some of the possibilities we have in sampling, slicing and chopping to make entirely new music out of the material.

  • Field recording using a Zoom H6 together with the SP404 to make music in the outdoor environment, in real-time. Now I haven’t tried that before but it could work very well

  • Curating sounds and sharing them with you all

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